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The NY Rock n' Roll Weapon!

Wicked covers a wide range of rock 'n roll from the 80's through today, performed with high energy, professionalism, style and true rock & roll conviction! All members are experienced music veterans, coming together with one purpose, to " Rock the House" with a great live show and to keep you coming back for more.

Wicked is like a rock n'roll armored tank! It stops for nothing and delivers high explosive rock n'roll on target every time! Be sure to check out our song list page, photos and show date pages! Bring your own flack jackets ! (LOL)


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King started playing music at a relatively young age which included a variety of settings and instruments. In his late teens, King decided to pursue and focus on bass guitar.

Born in the great state of New York, King has played in a variety of bands from Upstate NY over to Central NY and now most recently in the Capital District. Notable bands King has played in include: Astrix, Rock Solid, Room 237, ID and Trancent.

King's philosophy and approach to each show is to "Blow the roof off this place". Whether there is 1 person or 10,000, this attitude can be heard and seen at a Wicked show. King plays Jackson and Ibanez basses equipped with GHS Boomers and relies on Hartke amplification for that rockin' solid bottom end.


Billy Rolls is a native New Yorker. Billy began playing in local rock bands in the early 1980s and was heavily influenced by the early heavy metal scene of the time.

After stints in several local bands, he attended music school in Los Angeles where he continued to be involved with several rock, blues and jazz-based projects. After a long hiatus from the music scene, and a desire to get back to playing the hair-raising rock that inspired him, Billy jumped at the opportunity to play guitar for Wicked.

His arsenal consists of a cache of GMW, Gibson and Charvel guitars driven through a wall of Splawn and Bogner amplification.


BT's majestic journey began in Schenectady, NY. Like most teenagers BT was captured by the blazing lead guitar work of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes. MTV was new and actually played music- Good Music. The 80's opened up a new wave of music and guitar heroes. BT was rocking the 80's scene in the 70's. Voted Capital Districts Most Innovative Guitarist that never played or even touched a guitar. Air guitar wizard by his late teens. And voted areas coolest mullet ten years after they were in style.

By his early 20's he was sent to train at the Shaolin Temple of Guitar posing. It was there BT mastered the art of the "Rock Star Pose". Many moons later he was able to snatch the pebble from the hand and formed the kickass band- Wicked. Most notable contribution to the rock scene was the "Magnum Cod Piece". Unfortunately the large size was too big for most guitarists and definitely all singers.

Gear: Amps- Marshall 100 watt JMP modified by Mike Fortin "Cali Mod". Yes, the Cali mod goes to "eleven". Mark Cameron CCV-100 (only for very special occasions kiddies-sorry). If you knew what it was you'd understand. Guitars- GMW and Musikraft guitars. We take the 80's music seriously and it shows in our gear and our playing. Wicked has a simple philosophy. Play hard, play loud and leave no panty dry. We don't take ourselves too serious, but we take the music of the 80's and beyond serious and we want to have fun and want YOU to have a Wicked good time. Spandex and cod piece optional, but don't be surprised to see it at the show. If you still have it, BRING IT!

Email: bt@wickedtheband.com

Paul began playing the drums more than 30 years ago when, as a wee little lad of 12, he taught himself to play by rockin’ along to the music of the Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin and The Who (routinely raiding and ruining the album collections of his older brothers). Later it was on to the music of Van Halen, Aerosmith, Foreigner, and Rush. An Albany native, Paul has played with a number of local bands over the years, most recently Blackjack Romeo.

Email: paul@wickedtheband.com